Manage Type 2 Diabetes Without Drugs

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is the most common type of diabetes, accounting for more than 98% of all cases. Diabetes is intolerance to glucose: a person with diabetes is unable to utilise the glucose present in the blood and so its level remains high, in turn causing several problems.  This failure to utilise glucose results from inadequate secretion of the hormone insulin, in turn resulting from failure of beta cells of the pancreas to secrete enough quantities of the hormone in response to a carb rich meal. It can also be due to inefficient action of insulin due to less responsive receptors. Ever increasing evidence suggests that beta cell failure and receptor  resistance result from recurrent and prolonged increase in insulin secretion caused by high carbohydrate meals. High carb-high insulin production-insulin resistance-higher insulin production-exhaustion-failure.

At present, the drugs used for treating type 2 diabetes act by reducing receptor resistance and by increasing secretion of insulin from the beta cells. While the former is logical, the latter approach further exhausts the beta cells and worsens the disease. If this fails, then the patients are started on insulin injection itself.

But at Spandana Metabolics, we offer an easy way out. The unique diet that we recommend not only brings back the blood glucose levels to normal, but also re-establishes insulin sensitivity and thus results in reversal of type 2 diabetes. No disease – no drugs – no disease-related complications-no drug related adverse effects.

Recent Developments:

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