Welcome to Spandana

Spandana means rhythmic pulsation or vibration and also response. At Spandana Centre for Metabolic Medicine, we work towards improving the rhythm of life, improving the responses of our body to what it gets.

Human body is THE BEST system ever evolved in nature. The internal environment of our body is so well evolved that it is extremely well controlled and capable of responding to any challenges from the external environment in which we live. The trillions of cells that comprise our body in different organ systems live as one unit, communicating with each other and responding to each other’s needs.  This is made possible by the neuroendocrine systems – the nerves that connect every nook and corner of our body with the central nervous system, the brain, and hundreds of hormones, secreted by specialised glands and clusters of cells in different organs, that act like messengers within the organs, between different organs and also between various organs and the specialised areas of  our brain. Working of our body depends entirely on what we eat; our food provides us all the energy as well as other necessary nutrients. The processes by which our body utilizes and assimilates energy are collectively termed as metabolism. Our neuroendocrine systems assess the requirements of our organs and tune the functions of these organs depending on the food that is available. Thus, our growth, development, ability to work, reproduction, sleep etc., are all influenced by the food that we eat. If we eat right, these functions remain healthy; if our food is bad, they go awry, resulting in diseases.

It is well known that in recent years, diseases like obesity, poly cystic ovary syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes, lipid abnormalities, coronary artery disease, stroke, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, certain tumors and cancers, degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis and many others are increasing in epidemic proportions, world over. Many of these diseases are grouped together as Metabolic Syndrome, or in other words, as diseases caused by abnormal metabolism. These are also called as the ‘Diseases of Civilization’, for they are mostly seen among the city dwelling, westernized, populations. Recent research provides enough proof for the fact that these diseases are indeed caused by the way we live and the food we eat, the insults we repeatedly thrust on our body. Not only are these preventable, but also correctable if only we change our habits. We ought to save this treasure for long years without willfully damaging it.

Spandana Centre for Metabolic Medicine, for the FIRST TIME ANY WHERE IN INDIA, provides the state-of-science approach for assessing and managing the Metabolic Syndrome Disorders. The Complete Lifestyle and Food Guide that we have developed and perfected over the past seven years is of great help in managing any of these problems or in preventing them in future. Our approach is neither naturopathy nor ayurveda or any other like them, but based on the cutting edge research in evidence based modern medicine. This Total and Natural Way to Attain Health will transform the way you look at yourself, making you the manager of your health. Healthy Weight Loss will just be an added benefit!